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Ethical Issues of Social Robotics

How does a robot’s behaviour impact our lives?

The number of robots and other applications that can interact with us is rapidly increasing. Social robots are being developed to interact with users as they would with other people. However, the difference is that these robots are not other people but just smart technologies, without emotional awareness. What does it mean for the users if they are deceived into believing the robot is capable of more than it actually is, due to the way it behaves and interacts with them? Should we encourage the development of robots that show human-like behaviour, or should this be discouraged and replaced with behaviour that accords with the abilities of the robots?

This ICRES 2019 workshop aims to showcase work in the field of social robotics that explores the consequences that different interactions and communications with an agent can have on their responses. Full papers and extended abstracts are invited on any relevant topic, including but not limited to:

  • The effects of robot emotions on users
  • Physiological responses to interactions with social robots
  • Ethical considerations regarding the development of social robots
  • The influence of social robot behaviours on user acceptance and trust

ICRES 2019, the 4th International Conference on Robot Ethics and Standards at London South Bank University, London, UK, 29th-30th July, 2019, will provide a multidisciplinary and international forum for discussing key safety, ethical, legal, and societal issues relevant to Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. More information on the event and submissions can be found at: https://www.icres2019.org/


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